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Blog - Google Search Basics



When we hear “Will my website get to page one on Google?” we often end up explaining a few Google search basics and website design rules. We’ve covered a few of them here.

Getting to page one on Google can be really tough. Just having a website is no guarantee, and it’s getting harder.

Google’s mission is to serve up the best and most relevant results for search. And they do that by employing very clever people who construct an algorithm. Yep. An algorithm. This has nothing to do with green stuff in the sea or musical beats, and everything to do with a set of rules and and instructions that dictate where your website will be placed.

So here are some Google search basics, to help you start thinking about your website:

The right key-word or key-phrase

Google looks at your content (the words you have written on your website) and will match what you say with what people look for. So you need to pick the right words and phrases first. Some sectors and locations (and hence key-phrases) are very competitive, so your fight to page one is even harder.

Good web design and quality website build

A well developed website, that Google finds easy to read and find your keywords and key-phrases is essential – seeing them in page titles, descriptions and headings on the page will work better. Hide your content in images or flash and your site could really suffer. Site speed has also become important, so poorly built sites that take ages to load will perform badly.

New websites Vs established websites

Google likes history. So a new website will struggle and you’ll inevitably have to wait several months to be seen, even on lower results pages. You might be lucky, if your content and website is based on a very niche subject that doesn’t have much competition.

Links to your website

Links from other websites to your website probably play the most crucial role in your position on Google. Overwhelmingly Google likes authority, trust and traffic to your site. So if someone places a link on their site that people can click on to go to your website, Google sees that as a good indicator that your website is worth positioning higher in their results. A more relevant link from a trusted source is also far better.

This is a very basic view of Google search basics! There are lots of rules around these rules that add challenges to increasing your visibility on Google.

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