Caring for your web domain

Your web domain (web address) is pretty vital so you’ll need to look after it. We’ve seen a few nightmares that are easily avoided so your website stays up and live.

What’s a domain?

A domain name is your URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or website address, e.g At some point you, or someone working on your website, will have purchased your domain – I recommend They get your site live quickly, change records quickly and you can set up an automatic payment renewal.

You need to pay for your domain and this will vary depending on the type of address you buy – .com costs more than for instance.

Renew your domain to stay live

The vitally important thing to ensure your site stays up and live is to keep renewing your domain address when your initial purchase period is at an end. If you don’t, your site will go down and if unchecked you could lose valuable positioning in the search engines once you get your website live again.

Nightmare scenario – losing your domain

It’s bad enough if your site goes down and is unavailable, but worse can happen. You may have a grace period by which you can make a late payment, but after that you could lose the domain altogether if someone else buys it. And then you’ll have to bargain with them to get it back – if they are even willing to sell it!

Auto-renew – the simple solution

As mentioned above, good domain registers will allow you to set up an auto re-new using a credit card. This is the easiest way to keep your payments up to date. We would also recommend making a diary note and checking it’s been renewed – just to make 100% sure!

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