Debbie Millman Interview With Neville Brody

Check out this great Debbie Millman Interview With Neville Brody –

I’ve always been a fan, especially his most recent work. One of the reasons I started taking an interest in Neville Brody, was from the similar experiences we had in education.

It was great to hear his comments about User Experience; I have been saying something similar for the last couple of years. UX can add a huge amount of value to a digital project, when involved at the right time. When managing a digital design team, it is important to remember that UX design is only one skillset within the design team, it has a specific purpose. A good design lead will know what team structure works best for each specific project and when to use what skillset.

In all, Neville Brody, a great interview.

If you’d like to find out more about Debbie Millman, check out her website –

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