Personal Social Media Messages

As you all know, social media is as sometimes a more common method of communication today than email, text, phonecall and (if you gone out with someone addicted to their phones) you may even think face-to-face.

I remember the shift from the landline to mobile phone, for the first time, people were contactable 24 hours a day. Today’s social media and social networks hugely increases our contactability, from Facebook to Flickr, Twitter to Tumblr, Skype to SnapChat, Whats App to WordPress.

One thing that I’ve been hearing a lot of as late is anger and hatrid of people who say happy birthday, congratulations, sorry and other personal messages to people in our imeediate lives / people we live with. For a long time I also asked the question, what is the point, especially as you are probably sat next to the person that you are commenting about, while you are commenting – just turn your head and open your mouth.

One day, I set off to the office, listenning to the local radio station when I realised something, this act of announcing personal messages to people is actually common practice of humans for a long time. How you may ask. Well while I was driving in my car the radio started announcing congratulation messages like “Kate wanted to congratulate her son Thomas on his GCSE results”. I then thought about the birday messages that I hear. I then thought about the birthday cards that people send in to television studios, withing their son or daughter happy birthday.

It’s an interesting thought that I’d like to persue. I still don’t agree with the concept, but I can appreciate its appeal.

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