Creative Design, Art Direction, Creative Director, Head of Design | Working London, UK. Based in Reading, Berkshire. Jason spends most of his time working with creative teams to deliver complex web applications, or e-commerce projects for large corporate brands

Profile - Jason Hopkins

A conceptually driven and strategically-minded leader, focused on solving complex business challenges with human-centred design thinking.


With almost 20 years of industry experience, I have worked at some of the leading creative and digital agencies across London, Cardiff, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. I have worked client side with some of the world’s biggest brands, and even ran my own design business.

An inspired ideas person with an unwavering creative passion for art, design, typography, photography and Illustration. I have an insatiable curiosity with a lust for knowledge about all things related to the digital and creative industry. I am focused and solutions driven, with the knowledge and experience to support different ‘design and creative types’, understanding that different people have varied ways of working. I use different approaches to get the best work out of my teams.

Recognising that, whilst being creative requires varying degrees of freedom, being lost-in-thought, sometimes tweed jackets and dramatic hand-waving, a well-thought-out process and structure works wonders. I enjoy crafting and amending my processes until I've got, what resembles, an assembly line of fantastic creative design solutions being pumped out by my team of designers and creatives.

I understand the value of a strong strategy, and by utilising trend analysis, market and user research, I focus on making sure the work produced by my teams is grounded in real insights that complement business and user goals. Not only that, but I can effectively communicate why my teams ideas are strategically sound.

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